Prospect Area Dayhome

Reliable, safe in-home child care in your community


Dayhome Policy – Each day, I do my very best to provide a safe, fun environment for your child – one where you can feel confident knowing that your child is secure and happy while you are at work. We all work together to learn through play – learn respect for each other and our surroundings, about the world around us and our place in it, and how to make friends and have fun!

Hours of operation – My regular hours of operation are 7:30AM – 5:30PM, Monday through Friday, exclusive of holidays.

Regular fees   / payment schedule options – My regular fee is $35 per full day, defined as anything in excess of four hours. Half-days are $25. Payment should be by electronic bank transfer, cheque, or cash.  Payment is made in advance and a tax receipt will be provided at the end of the calendar year. I offer three different payment options:

Option 1: monthly, on the first of the month

Option 2: bi-weekly, on the 1st and 15th of the month

Option 3: to coincide with the client’s regular pay period (must be defined by the client)

Thirty days’ notice must be given if the client wishes to change their payment option.

Should myself or the client wish to end the dayhome relationship, 30 days’ notice in writing (email is acceptable) is required. All fees normally charged during that 30 day period will be the responsibility of the client and must be paid in full.

Pick up / drop off and late fees

Consistent pick up and drop off times are very important; not only does it make things run more smoothly, it helps your child get used to a set schedule. Drop off and pick up times will be established between myself and the client, and must be adhered to. If drop off will be late, the client must phone to let me know when arrival is expected. Late fees may apply at a rate of $10 for every 15 minutes past the previously agreed-upon pick up time.

Holidays / sick days / vacation time

Holidays – My dayhome is closed for all statutory and civic holidays. Regular rates still apply for all holiday closures. I am also closed between Christmas and New Year’s. No fees are charged for the non-holiday time during this closure.

Sick days – I make every effort to not close due to illness. If I or one of my own children is sick, I may need to close. This is for the safety of my children as well as yours. If I do have to close due to illness, the amount will be deducted from each client’s next scheduled payment.

If your child stays home due to illness, or must be sent home early due to illness, regular rates will apply.

Vacation time – I take two weeks’ vacation per year. At least three (3) months’ notice will be given of my scheduled vacation time. Regular fees will not be charged when I am closed for vacation.

Clients are required to give one (1) month notice of any vacation time they will be taking. Regular fees will apply to client vacations.

Meals  / snacks

Clients are required to provide lunch for their child each day. I will provide milk or water with lunch and 2 healthy snacks per full day. Between meals, children will be provided with water. I provide age-appropriate plastic sippy cups for each child. I do not provide juice.

I emphasize nutrition and healthy eating in simple ways that young children can understand (“we need to eat healthy foods to help us grow big & strong, and to give us energy for playing!”) For this reason, I ask that clients keep healthy eating in mind when packing lunches for their child. Please limit “treats” to one per day. At mealtimes, I will always require that the children eat the majority of their healthy options before they can have dessert.

At mealtimes I insist upon a certain age-appropriate standard of behaviour. Children are required to remain in their seats until they have finished eating; in other words, children are not permitted to wander around the play area with food or drinks. Older children (2 years of age and up) are asked to help pack up their lunch boxes after eating and place dirty dishes in the sink.

Diapering & toilet learning

Parents must provide their own diapers, wipes, and diaper creams. I will provide storage space here if the parents would prefer to send a supply rather than packing a diaper bag each day (this is really the easiest solution for all concerned). As long as the parents provide a wet bag to hold the used items, I can easily accommodate cloth diapers.

When parents & children are ready for toilet learning, I will work with the parents to develop a strategy that they are comfortable with and using at home. Generally, when the parents are ready for the process, I recommend skipping the “Pull-Ups” step and going straight to big-kid underwear. It means more laundry for awhile, but I have found it more effective for the majority of kids.

When we together decide to try toilet learning, I will work intensively with your child for a period of one full week. At the end of that week, I’ll give you my best assessment as to your child’s progress and readiness to make the move out of diapers permanently. If the child is not potty-ready by the end of the week, I will make the recommendation that we return to diapers for a couple of months and then try again.


During the initial transition to my dayhome, I will stick to your established nap routine for your child. I will be aiming to regulate their nap schedule to match with the routine here. In general, I will be aiming to comply with Canadian Paediatric Association guidelines for required sleep:

12 months – 18 months

2 naps per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, totalling 2 – 3 hours of sleep

11 – 12 hours of sleep per night

18 months – 2 years

one nap per day, in the afternoon, totalling 1 – 2 hours of sleep

11 – 12 hours of sleep per night

2 years

one nap per day, in the afternoon, usually totalling 1.5 hours of sleep

11 hours of sleep per night

3 years+

Usually naps not required

These will vary depending on your schedule at home, what time you need to get your child out of bed in the morning, if your child is teething or experiencing a developmental milestone, etc. We will work together to help your child develop / maintain healthy sleeping habits.

If your child is older than 3 years and still requires naps, I will of course accommodate this. Otherwise, I do institute a period of quiet play each afternoon where the children, do puzzles, work in colouring books, play with Play-Doh, etc. This helps “recharge the batteries” and hopefully will ensure that parents don’t need to go home every day with an overtired (and cranky!) child.

Daily schedule

Although our schedule is always subject to change, in general our days are structured as follows:

7:30AM – 9AM:                 children arrive. During the school year, we head outside at 8:10 to catch the school bus.

9AM  – 10:30AM:             snack / free play / morning nap for younger ones

10:30AM – noon               outdoor play / walks when weather permits. Free play, craft time, etc. when weather is bad.

Noon – 12:45PM:             lunch time and clean up

12:45PM – 1PM:               Start settling children for naps. Story time. By 1:30PM, all children who nap are in the nap room, and the other children are directed to quiet play.

2PM – 3PM:                       outdoor play when weather permits. Free play, art play (painting, Play-Doh, etc.) when weather is poor.

3PM:                                     school bus arrives. Afternoon snack is offered. Children begin to wake up from naps.

4PM:                                     Clean up. Children are encouraged to participate in age-appropriate ways (putting blocks in the block bucket, gathering up the books, etc.) Once everything is clean, the children may continue with play indoors or out, depending on the weather and what the kids want to do. Children start being picked up at this time and pick up continues until 5:30.

Sick kids policy

In general, when your child is ill, they are required to stay home until they are feeling better. As long as the child is able to keep up with the activity level here, colds and rashes without fevers are not a problem, and you can send your child as usual. If the child has a fever, please keep them home until they have been fever-free for 24 hours, in accordance with Nova Scotia’s Day Care Act. This is for the protection and well-being of your own child as well as the other children in my care.

If your child experiences vomiting, or has two instances of diarrhea in a one-hour period, you will be called and asked to pick up your child immediately.

If your child has pink eye or hand-foot-and-mouth disease (both common and highly contagious toddler ailments) you will be asked to keep them home until the contagious period has passed.

Television policy

As a general rule, we do not watch television in the dayhome. On special occasions (the last day before Christmas, for example) there may be a special treat where the children are shown an age-appropriate program, but only with the prior permission of all parents. We often have kid-friendly music playing in the background.

Clothing requirements

It is the parents’ responsibility to provide adequate and appropriate clothing for their child. I ask that each child be sent with at least one complete change of clothing in case of accidents, spills, or general messiness.

We don’t stay indoors all day unless the weather is really bad, so parents must send their child with appropriate outdoor clothing. This tends to be season-specific but as a minimum the child should have:

Spring / Summer:

raincoat, splash pants OR extra pants; rain boots; bucket-style hat with a strap to keep it from blowing off; shorts and T-shirts for very hot days; bathing suit for water play; sneakers comfortable for walking & running


raincoat, splash pants OR extra pants; rain boots; jacket; hat / mittens or light gloves for chilly mornings at the bus stop


snowsuit; snow boots; waterproof mittens – at least two pairs; warm, snug-fitting hat

I do have extra clothes in most sizes in case something extraordinary happens. If your child is sent home wearing something of mine, I ask that it be washed and returned as soon as possible.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions of the above agreement.


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